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  • Are you looking for emission-free, walk-behind trowels that can be used in particular to make working in enclosed areas more pleasant? Then our operator-friendly, battery-powered CT series is perfect for you.
  • We offer you various models in the category of walk-behind, gasoline-powered trowels, from models for screeding smaller areas to trowels with articulated center poles. These trowels will even make screeding ergonomic designs easy for you.
  • Would you like to screed large concrete areas? You can do that with ride-on trowels from Wacker Neuson. We offer you ride-on trowels with a screed diameter of 915 mm and 1,220 mm. We offer you optimal maneuverability here, making it easy for you to operate the trowels.

Trowels from Wacker Neuson

Would you like a flat and smooth concrete surface? - then you can hardly avoid using trowels. With our trowels, you can take care of three work steps with one unit – floating, finishing and polishing. Finishing and polishing concrete is done by rotating the blades.

Which trowel is suitable for which situation?

When screeding concrete, the trowel must frequently be steered around obstacles, such as columns, and used close to the edges of the surface. The walk-behind trowels are best suited for this. They are more maneuverable, smaller and flexible than large ride-on trowels. The walk-behind trowels are available in various sizes so that you are equipped for any surface to be processed. The smaller models are ideal for edge areas and areas with smaller dimensions. With medium to large walk-behind units, attention is also paid to an optimal balancing in order to operate the unit with as little effort as possible. These models are also available in a variety of performance variants. These trowels can work in variable rpm ranges, therefore allowing you to complete all three work steps of floating, finishing and polishing in no time. The transmission brake of the trowel, the electronic safety switch and the sensor for the engine speed also offer triple protection for the operator.

It is more efficient to use a ride-on trowel if you would like to screed very large areas. You can screed a much larger area with it in a short period of time. The ride-on trowel impresses with its high level of productivity and high operating comfort. Additional details, such as the individually adjustable seat or the ergonomic control, should make it easier for the trowel operator to work and prevent fatigue from laborious steering movements. You can comfortably complete the screeding of large areas while seated. The ride-on trowels, just like the walk-behind models, are available in various versions.

Take a deep breath with Wacker Neuson trowels

Our trowels are not just used outdoors. The smaller and medium-sized trowels with electric motors are also indispensable indoors. The emission-free units can be used to screed concrete excellently and at the same time protect the environment.

With trowels from Wacker Neuson, you are equipped for any concrete surface, because everything simply runs smoothly with our models.