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Wacker Neuson Finance*

Invest well — finance with certainty.
Uncomplicated. Reliable. Individual.

Thanks to the range of financing solutions for all new and used Wacker Neuson projects, we can solve your individual needs in a targeted manner.

We provide financial leasing, operative leasing and loans in cooperation with the company SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic, s.r.o. They know the specific requirements of your sector and can prepare a tailor-made offer for you based on your borrowing power and other limits. The high standard of quality, long lifespan and high value for the further sale of all Wacker Neuson products provide a basis for the attractive minimum risk repayment structure.

In brief: Individual financial solutions with Wacker Neuson quality.

Our solution


    Leasing: be flexible
    Leasing provides the financial freedom you need for medium to long-term use of the unit. You can customize the leasing contract to your individual needs by using different options depending on the orders situation and market developments.
    Summary of advantages for you:

    • No impact on financial statements
    • Potential tax savings
    • Lower monthly repayments

    Lease-purchase: perfect for your planning and liquidity
    Lease-purchasing preserves liquidity and provides certainty for planning purposes. A lease-purchase contract is similar to a lease contract in principle. However, in comparison with a lease contract, it provides a faster transfer of ownership of the leased item to the lease purchaser at the end of the contractual lease period.
    Summary of advantages for you:

    • Financial accounting and depreciations take place at your end
    • Option of agreeing individual installments
    • Automatic acquisition of assets
    • No impact on borrowing power at the local bank

    Hire service operators have special requirements for their hire fleet and need comprehensive support for financing new machines. With Wacker Neuson you will get a reliable partner who will provide you with first class advice and financing from one source.
    Summary of advantages for you:

    • Financing new, demonstration and used machines
    • Assortment tailored to your needs
Other possibilities

In addition, we also offer the following options for the financial solutions above:

  • Balloon financing (financing with balloon payments)
  • Seasonal payments in the form of installments (for example, winter breaks)

Financing and services
from a single source.

Tailor-made solutions
for the most demanding requirements.

Summary of advantages for you:

You can choose the best situation from various options for financing new and used machines, including accessory devices and instruments, supported by the excellent financial situation of the Wacker Neuson company.

  • Full knowledge of cost structures: Monthly repayments provide you with precise information on monthly costs. This approach creates certainty for the purposes of planning and your liquidity.
  • Your satisfaction is our goal: We guarantee fast, uncomplicated settlement without the red tape. We provide individual advice that is orientated towards your requirements, will increase your profits and provides you with every option for tax and accounting purposes.
  • Attractive repayment structure: The high quality standards, resilience and high value reduce the risk for the subsequent sale of Wacker Neuson products
We have compiled your Wacker Neuson
personal anti-stress package
Our tailor-made services

Finance used machines with our help

  • Have you ever thought of financing a used construction unit?
  • You get the same terms for both new and used units at Wacker Neuson.
  • There are many positive aspects to financing a used unit in addition to the low financing rates.

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