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Snow blower type 5560 for WL52

Snow blower type 5560 for WL52
attachment tool snow blower
attachment tool snow blower
Snow blower type 5560 for WL52-thumb
attachment tool snow blower
attachment tool snow blower
  • Ideal for clearing large masses of snow
  • Hydraulically rotatable ejection tower
  • Variable ejection width regulation possible
  • Comfortable working via hand inching and ergonomic operation via the joystick


  • Ø milling drum 550 mm
  • Ø blow-out wheel 600 mm
  • Working width 2000 mm
  • Clearing height fresh snow 810 mm
  • Clearing height hard snow 550 mm
  • Blow-out tower hydraulic rotation 240°
  • Blow-out width 15 - 25 m
  • Weigth 525 kg


  • High Flow
  • Hand inching
  • Hand gas

Standard equiment:

  • Blow-out tower hydraulic rotatable
  • Ejector flap manually adjustable, 2 positions


  • Adapter plate with roller level compensation for free horizontal movement
  • Discharge stack extension 250 mm ejection height ca. 1.700 mm above ground
  • Discharge stack extension 500 mm ejection height ca. 1.950 mm above ground
  • Loading stack long, ejection height ca. 2.500 mm above ground
  • Impellers

For detailed options and possibilities please contact you Wacker Neuson partner.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.