Light Towers with LED lamps LTN5Y

Light Towers with LED lamps LTN5Y: Portable, independent lighting for large construction sites

Thanks to its powerful LED panels, the Light Tower LTN5Y provides bright lighting, similar to daylight, for large areas. The tower can be easily raised and lowered at the press of a button. With the help of a light sensor and a timer, the operating hours can be automatically controlled as required. The trailer with road approval and the installed diesel generator make the LTN5Y a mobile, independent light source for illumination during road and bridge construction, concreting work, in parking lots, and at events.

Light Tower LTN5Y

LED lamps with large illuminated area

  • The light tower is equipped with 4 x 400 Watt LED light panels. It illuminates an area of up to 7,700 m², providing a bright, white light.
  • LED lamps are particularly energy-efficient. That’s how they reduce fuel consumption and provide a long running time on one full tank.
  • LED lamps have a long service life of up to 50,000 hours. This saves costs on replacing illuminants.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Weight below 750 kg

  • The weight is below 750 kg, therefore the Light Tower can be towed with a car driver's license.
Illustration economic efficiency

AMOSS safety system

  • When the trailer brake is released, the mast lowers automatically. This means that the Light Tower can only be moved with the mast lowered. This prevents damage.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Intuitive operating panel

  • The clear and easy-to-understand operating panel can be used quickly even by inexperienced operators.
Illustration economic efficiency

Three operating modes

  • Manual switching on and off of the Light Tower.
  • Programmable running time: The operator can determine a schedule so that the Light Tower only runs when required. As a result, fuel can be saved.
  • Light sensor: The Light Tower automatically turns on in darkness and turns off at daybreak. This save long journeys to switch it on and off.

More Features

Light Tower LTN5Y

Wind sensor

  • The wind sensor automatically lowers the tower in high winds.
Light Towers with LED lamps LTN5Y

Stable outriggers

  • Adjustable outriggers make alignment easier and stabilize the machine even on uneven ground and in strong winds.
Light Towers with LED lamps LTN5Y

Road-legal trailer

  • The Light Tower's trailer is licensed for road use in Europe and comes equipped with a ball hitch as standard.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Lifting Eye

  • Integrated lifting eye provides flexibility for loading, unloading, and positioning on job-site.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Fork lift straps

  • Fork lift straps on all four sides make it easier when unloading and loading, as well as positioning on-site.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Sturdy housing

  • The Light Tower is characterized by robust plastic housing, which lends it a high degree of durability to different environmental influences.
Light Tower LTN5Y

Easy maintenance access

  • The hood can be swung wide open, providing generous access to all maintenance points.

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