GV Series


Portable Generators: Three performance classes for reliable power supply

The generators in the GV series are cost-effective synchronous generators offering a reliable power supply even throughout continuous operation. The GV series includes models in three different performance categories as well as AC and three-phase designs. In addition to application on construction sites, the portable generators can equally be used for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

Portable Generators

Sturdy protective frame

  • The generator is equipped with a steel pipe frame and an additional cover. The result: optimum protection of the tank and outlets even in the most rugged construction site conditions.
Portable Generators

Large tank with long running time

  • The large-capacity fuel tank makes long run times possible without having to stop to refuel.

Compact dimensions

  • The compact and low-level method of construction is practical for transportation and storage.
Portable Generators

Honda four-stroke motor

  • Honda 4-stroke motors combine reliable power output with a long service life.
  • The low oil shutdown protects the motor.
  • Manual start makes starting the motor quick and easy.
Portable Generators

No grounding necessary

  • In normal operation, it is not necessary to ground the generator, so the device is quickly ready for operation and is also transportable.

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