Wacker Neuson gasoline breaker in use for track construction.

Gasoline breaker BH40: Extra light breaker for railway construction and demolition

At just 20 kg, the BH40 is lighter than other gasoline breakers and convinces by its comfortable handling and simultaneously excellent performance. In railway construction, it compacts any gravel, regardless whether clean, soiled or iced material. The BH40 even finishes driving through sleeper screws in the span of seconds. With a number of different plug tools, the BH40 is also suitable for the most varied demolition work.

Gasoline breaker BH40

High single stroke impact energy at a low weight

  • Powerful machine that offers high performance and, at the same time, is easy to handle due to its low weight.
Gasoline breaker BH65 and BH55 in demolition use

Hood spring mounting

  • The full-hood vibration damping allows for operation close to the body. The low hand-arm vibration (HAV) and reduced vibration transmission to the entire body of the operator allows more ergonomic and comfortable working.
Gasoline breaker BH40

Powerful, sturdy percussion system

  • The powerful percussion system delivers high performance. Even demanding work is finished quickly.
  • The percussion system is extremely sturdy and resistant to damage and wear. In this way, the machine achieves a long service life, saving repair costs.
Gasoline braker BH55 studio image

Stable, well-balanced handle

  • Due to the stable and well-balanced handle, the breaker can be carried comfortably by only one person.

More Features

Gasoline breaker BH65 refuelled lying

Large fuel tank with large filter

  • The 1.8 liter fuel tank makes long working intervals possible without refueling. This saves time refueling and allows efficient work.
  • The machine can be refueled horizontally or standing up by just one person.
  • The large fuel filter ensures long maintenance intervals and a long engine service life.
Illustration Wacker Neuson running time unlimited

Long regreasing interval

  • Less time and cost for maintenance, as the first regreasing is only necessary after 40 hours of operation.
Illustration economic efficiency

Self-cleaning percussion system

  • The self-cleaning percussion system saves cost and time for maintenance.
Gasoline breaker BH65 studio image grease nipple

Maintenance-free design

  • The easy-to-maintain design allows simple percussion system maintenance on the construction site with a small grease press over the central lubrication.

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