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DPU80 - Fit for the future of compaction

DPU80 vibratory plate
DPU80 center pole raised
DPU80 in application
DPU80 compaction
DPU80 maintenance access and foot lever
DPU80 engine
DPU80 black box
DPU80 operating controls in the center pole head
DPU80 lashing option
DPU80 vibratory plate
DPU80 center pole raised
DPU80 in application
DPU80 compaction
DPU80 maintenance access and foot lever
DPU80 engine
DPU80 black box
DPU80 operating controls in the center pole head
DPU80 lashing option
Pure functionality is what the vibratory plate DPU80 stands for. Sturdy in design, it is characterized by its ability and functions designed down to the last detail. The frame made of steel pipe and screw-on side covers make it extremely resistant in application and guarantee good maintenance access. The DPU80 is a model from our 80 to 130 kN range of powerful heavy vibratory plates.
  • Powerful vibratory plate designed optimally for heavy soils
  • Intelligent water-cooled engine for ambient temperatures up to 50°C
  • No documentation requirement thanks to low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) below 2.5 m/s²
  • Available as a remote-controlled or alternatively center pole controlled version
  • Compamatic: additional compaction control, conveniently from your desk (accessories for machines with compatec)

Optimal compaction control with Compamatic

  • Compamatic is a function in the EquipCare Manager connecting compaction control and Telematics
  • The new function helps you to better plan construction site procedures and to ensure quality
  • Due to this, a machine’s success with compaction is traceable from your desk in the EquipCare Manager
  • Simply affix the Compamatic module (accessories for machines with compatec) to the machine. The module transmits the machine’s location and compaction data via GPRS to the EquipCare Manager.

First-class compaction performance

  • Individually controllable compaction performance, ideally adjustable to the soil to be compacted
  • Water-cooled engine, optimally matched to the vibratory plate
  • Sturdy base plate: very good travel rate for fast compaction with optimal results

Optimal dimensions

  • Tailored to individual requirements: available in two operating widths, 670 or 770 mm
  • only 830 mm high: low design thanks to the transversely installed engine — optimal for application in confined spaces, for example in trench shoring

High operating comfort

Thanks to low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) of below 2.5 m/s² application restrictions for the operator and the documentation requirement are not required

Very operator-friendly: fast lowering and resetting of the center pole via foot lever

  • simple directional changes by reversing the stirrup-shaped handle
  • self-explanatory operatings controls, no familiarization period necessary
  • all operating controls recessed in the center pole head, protecting them from damage

Ecological and fit for the future

  • The water-cooled engine complies sustainably with all emission directives and enables the application of the machine even at extreme temperatures
  • Water cooling provides for an extremely long engine service life, thus ensuring a long life for the machine
  • Noise limits are considerably undershot — protecting the environment and the operator

Extremely sturdy design

  • A frame made of steel pipe and steel sheets as covers make the DPU80 very sturdy and protect it from damage
  • The side covers can be screwed off
  • Durable, very heavy-duty design


  • Lashing options as on large machines allow optimal securing for transport
  • The lifting point is rotated by 90°, resulting in better protection of the hood and center pole when being lifted.
  • For example, the center pole or operatings controls cannot impact the dipper stick when transporting with an excavator
  • Operator safety: if the operator releases the guide handle, the vibratory plate keeps working in on-the-spot compaction

Maintenance and service

  • 100% service accessibility with a few steps
  • Screw-in side covers
  • Hood can be fully opened
  • Long maintenance intervals due to large air cleaner

  • Base plate is easy to clean without risk of damaging hydraulic hose

Intelligent machine protection

  • Black box enables communication between people and machines
  • Operating displays give information on overload protection and error memory
  • Individual configurations possible
  • Theft protection can be set via a PIN
  • Available with optional machine protection sensor or with Compatec compaction control incl. machine protection sensors

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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